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THE BEST CHRISTMAS GIFT - I am blessed beyond measure. I got so lucky that I do not need surgery on my hand. My ring finger was rotated last Sunday when I broke it. I got very, very lucky to get it back into the correct position to heal properly on my own.

"Four sessions of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy at Serenity Hyperbaric Treatment I am sure helped immensely in accelerating the healing process. Thank You Shawn Smetzer! You are the BEST! I am cleared to gently open and close my hand and bend my wrist twice a day and will continue with the same "canoe" cast I got last Monday. Cleared to remove the cast in 2 WEEKS!! Must be careful and avoid any strikes or heavy lifting. I AM PSYCHED!!!!"

Tim M

" This place rocks! I had no idea what a significant improvement I would see from hyperbaric treatment. I'm impressed and so is my doc! I did my homework and checked out a couple other facilities before choosing Serenity. It was immediately apparent to me that this place stands out above the rest.

It's easy to see that Shawn and staff are more knowledgeable and better trained than what I had seen elsewhere. Unlike the others, the environment and equipment are clean and kept up. I especially like the privacy of being able to have a chamber to myself. There's also a big one that can accommodate wheelchairs and/or a parent that wants to go in with their child being treated.
The staff are professional, respectful, patient and caring and I felt confident and comfortable in their care.
I'm so thankful I choose to trust this facility and their staff with my hyperbaric needs. I highly recommend choosing Serenity...you'll be glad you did!"

Debra C.

"I have been using the Hyperbaric Chamber for about four months after suffering a severe brain injury three years ago, which almost killed me.  I have seen drastic improvement in my speech and problem solving skills.  People who haven’t seen me in a while are amazed by how much my speech has improved."

Bill Klatt

" Radiation treatment left me with internal bleeding and healing problems. Internet research found that men with similar issues had excellent results with hyperbaric oxygen therapy. HBOT was frequently the last resort for many patients after conventional medical procedures failed.
After completing my due diligence, I selected Serenity Hyperbaric Treatment Center for therapy. Serenity produced the expected results....my bleeding stopped and the internal healing process is well underway. Serenity provided flexible scheduling options at a very cost effective rate. All treatments were timely and professionally administered. My personal thanks and gratitude go out to Shawn and Jaylee for a job well done"

Jim S.

"I was prescribed hyperbaric oxygen therapy treatment following a stem cell treatment for Multiple Sclerosis.  After a little research I did some comparison shopping and chose Serenity for my HBOT treatment. Shawn and Jaylee are genuinely the nicest most caring people I had the pleasure of sharing my journey with.  They provided a family-style relationship as they witnessed improvements in my mobility throughout my treatment.  Serenity HBOT is who I recommend."


“People ask us all the time if we did our HBOT with Dr. Harsch. While Harsch is synonymous with HBOT and is truly a pioneer in the field, some people cannot afford therapy there. Let alone leaving their home with a broken child or family member for 8 weeks. That does not mean that there are not other reputable clinics closer to home. My cousin Jeni did a lot of research while we were still in the hospital and located a local place that follows Harsch’s protocols. She found Serenity Hyperbarics. From the minute we stepped in the door, we were family! Shawn, the woman who runs the day to day operations is knowledgeable, kind, and helpful. This is no way a bash against Dr. Harsch. He is the king. But if it’s just not feasible for you to go to Louisiana, please know that there are other options out there. If you need help finding a clinic, send me a message and I will try to help. If you are local to Arizona, you can visit Serenity in Glendale, AZ.”

Dorothy D.

"I have had an ongoing prostate problem not healing for over one year. The two operations I’ve had have not solved my problems.  My urologist had suggested the hyperbaric oxygen treatment may be beneficial for my prostate issue.

I was rejected for oxygen therapy treatment at St. Joe’s and Abrazo Arrowhead Hospitals. That ended up being a good thing because event with insurance, I would have paid much more than what Serenity is charging me for this treatment.  I have to thank God for His direction in finding Serenity: A Breath for Lie. I have just about completed a 5 week package of treatments and feel it was successful.

I thought being in the “tank” would be a horrible, long experience as I am not a patient person, but the staff has made me very comfortable and it has been a nice experience.  I highly recommend going to Serenity for this type of treatment."



"My twenty-five years as a Phoenix Police Officer verified that police work is a full-contact sport. I have been rocker, bottled, shot at, spit on, punched, kicked, cut, bruised, broken and pushed. This took a physical toll on my “soft machine.” Along with visits to hospitals and doctors’ offices, physical therapy was an essential component in repair and healing.

Fast forward to January 2018. After seven years of retirement and 56-years of life, I discovered a thing known as Multiple Sclerosis – or should I say it discovered me. Illness and disabilities, just like police work, could also be considered as full contact sports that can wreak havoc on our bodies. Walking, talking, eating, and even reading were impaired and challenging activities in daily life. I made a numerous visits to medical specialists who offered help and counsel. Along with infusion treatments, their direction to utilize hyperbaric oxygen chambers for nerve repair were priceless.

A conversation with Dr. Jane Orient was the lynchpin in my commitment to the services of Serenity Hyperbaric by March of the same year. Her personal and professional recommendation of hyperbaric treatment as the Executive Director of Association of American Physicians and Surgeons was a reasonable and viable “green light” for me to take advantage of a thing called “oxygen.” Additionally, a physical therapist in Tucson verified that hyperbaric treatment is on the leading edge of professional athletics. Approval of hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) by the Veteran’s Administration for traumatic brain injuries was a further source of confirmation for this therapeutic route.

While personal experiences are sure to vary, my first week brought tangible results in repairing my demyelination damage. “Taking a dive” three times a week for three months made a huge difference. I was subsequently able to adjust my visits to serenity to one time a week and have had the privilege of investing in my health with Shawn and her crew for more than a year. Even though I’m not a doctor, I play one on TV. With this said, after my MS diagnosis, I went from a 10 down to a 2. Since my treatment strategy, of which HBOT is a vital ingredient, I could subjectively say I’m back up to a 9. Even though no one can tell I have MS, I can. Perhaps if I were younger, I would be at a 10, but I’m confident God allowed me to discover the courteous, competent and caring services of Serenity to mend the MS damage to an imperfect person like me who lives in a fallen world."